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The Truth About Why I Took a Break

"What happened next was something that, for all our years of knowing Jordan, we never would have predicted. When you love someone, you accept their flaws. But – as happened in our case – you sometimes forget amidst that acceptance that their flaws can be dangerous, even destructive."


Confession: I lied (an open letter to my readers)

"...a veritable landslide of events, which I couldn’t cope with, came crashing down on my family and me. ... I found myself thinking, at the time, that I’d been wrong all along about my calling. I thought, perhaps, God was bringing our brief time together here at Indoor Kat to an abrupt end."


Why It’s Absolutely Okay to Be Afraid of the Dark

"With each of those questions, the certainty that I was doing what I was meant to do faded, replaced by an overwhelming fear. Much like the unspeakable force that pushes my feet into motion just a little bit faster when I leave my basement, I felt my heart pounding harder than its average pace. My mind began churning with them. ...
Imaginary monsters."